In our fast-casual restaurants you can assemble your own meal, and our Thai chefs will cook the dishes of your choice in burning hot woks, right in front of your eyes.

Padthai wokbar is a pleasant island in the noise of the big city, a place that creates harmony with the urban life and the tranquillity radiated by Eastern cultures.
We decided to go against the current paradigms: we believe that a quick meal can also be healthy and high-quality. The padthai success story is happening! Drop by and we’ll make your day!

fresh, hot, healthy

Padthai wokbar represents perfect harmony and versatility, because we believe that what we eat, is making a great impact on our day, our health and our life.

This is why we cook with diversity, and this is why our food is healthy and still very delicious, quick, yet nutritious. We aim to go fresh, hot, spectacular, and authentic. Thanks to the gentle cooking method every meal prepared this way is rich in valuable nutrients and compatible with almost any type of diet. Thanks to the infinite flavour combinations, vegetarians, vegans and meat-lovers can all compile a varied menu from our offers.

i choose joy

Fresh food requires peachy sorroundings. We imagined every little part of the padthai feeling in the way, that you’d always leave in an even better mood, than the one you arrived in! The colours and textures are reflecting the sheer Asian naturality and calmness, just like if you were on a holiday in the Land of Smiles!

The open kitchen offers a whole new experience and guarantees transparency, and gives you an inside look into every step of preparing your food.

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